About Me

Welcome to The Filthy Casual Blog!

This website was originally created to house the content of Filthy Casuals Gaming. However, the timing was not on our side. My husband and I started creating content on Mixer. After not more than two months on the platform, it tanked. We never recovered. We realized streaming was a hobby that took too much of our free time, so we hung up the towel. Now, I focus this website on my interests.

What is a ChibiChonk?
ChibiChonk is my gamer tag. Chibi means small and chonk means…well. Chonky! Those two words describe me accurately. I am 5’2″ and pretty heavy for my size. I am diabetic and the insulin and medication cause a lot of weight gain and obesity. The avatar on the left is a cartoon depiction of me. I love character onesies, I have copper hair, and unicorns are my jam!

Why is your website called “Filthy Casual for Life?”
I am a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. I have a habit of picking up hobbies like they’re $.10 trading cards. Filthy casual is often a derogatory term used by gamers to indicate a player is subpar or a “noob.” We all have to start somewhere, so I use this website to document my many hobbies and prove that being a filthy casual is not a bad thing.