About Us

Filthy Casual
for Life Gaming

The Filthy Casuals are a husband/wife team that creates variety gaming content. Rugjen and ChibiChonk stream variety gaming content on PC and console on Facebook as well as creates tabletop content for YouTube. In addition to gaming content, ChibiChonk writes lifestyle, gaming, and anime content for the Filthy Casuals’ website.

Filthy Casual for Life Gaming began streaming on Twitch. After months of no progress, Rugjen and ChibiChonk decided to start streaming to both Twitch and Mixer. Just as the ball began to roll on Mixer, they announced that they were closing and the Filthy Casuals found themselves without a streaming home. As the world slowly began working from home and complying with quarantine procedures due to COVID, the amount of new streamers skyrocketed. Going back to Twitch wasn’t really a logical option for the Filthy Casuals. It was hard to get discovered on Twitch before the pandemic, but even harder now. After careful consideration, Rugjen and ChibiChonk decided to try making a community on Facebook and turn their focus to adding more content to their YouTube channel and this website.