Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Fort Joy

Rugjen and I made it to Fort Joy. My opinion on the game, unfortunately, keeps declining. I want to like it. I love the concept of it. Here are the main things that continue to bother me.

Controls. Despite hours of game play, I completely despise the targeting system. Even Rugjen has some choice words aimed at the targeting system. For those that have not read my initial impression, we are playing on the PS4.

The main problem I have with the targeting is it resets after every action. I don’t know how many times I have accidentally moved rather than cast a spell/skill. This is because in every other game I have ever played, your chosen target does not reset unless you tell it to. Now, I will admit. Maybe that falls on me, the gamer, from failing to adapt. Regardless, the more I play, the more frustrated I get. One of our viewers even commented he disliked the game for the same exact reason, so I know it doesn’t fully fall on me.

Questing. Why is it so hard to find quests? And, again. I am fully ready to admit that this may be more of my ignorance than a true game play issue, but I really, really dislike how you have to talk to everyone, their dog, their cat, and possibly their pet rat to find something to do. So much time is wasted wandering around just figuring out who to talk to. I feel like Rugjen and I have wandered four hours for maybe 30 minutes of true game play. That just isn’t my cup of tea. I want the story to progress, not stall for hours. And, it does just that. We have invested hours in this game, and we’re just now making it to chapter two.

So. Slow. Unfortunately, the game play is just too slow for me. There is very little combat in the first chapter, and what combat that does exist, the battle took us 10-20 minutes. This also applies to actual experience. Leveling is slower than molasses on a winter morning. We invested 15 minutes into a battle and got 500 xp for our trouble which is a drop in the bucket for the thousands of xp needed to hit the next level.

I think we are going to try to play through chapter two and see if the game play improves. Both Rugjen and I want to give this game a fair chance. We both agree that maybe later content will become more engaging. We agreed we will probably play it a few more hours before rendering our final judgment.

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