Filthy Casual Finds a New Home

A few months ago, we announced that we were moving our stream to Mixer. The biggest motivation for the move was viewership. Twitch is over saturated with streamers, and their platform makes it near-impossible for a small streamer to get viewers. After some consideration, and watching a lot of Harris Heller videos, we came to the conclusion that our viewership would not change if we did not make a change. So, we decided to leave Twitch as our main platform and transition to Mixer.

We did, indeed, gain more viewers and followers at Mixer. Enough to consider making the move permanent, but we weren’t fully committed to the decision. The longer we streamed on Mixer, the more we realized that the platform was dying. Despite all of their moves to acquire well-known streamers, it had little to no growth. Development was at a halt. The writing was on the wall and I think, on some level, Rugjen and I knew. We stopped putting in effort shortly before the announcement. I think we subconsciously started “uncoupling” from Mixer without really realizing it.

We are a small stream. We stream to approximately 10 steady viewers. In fact, we have maybe 2 viewers that consistently showed up in chat. We aren’t doing this to be the next Ninja or Shroud. We do it as a hobby with the hopes that maybe we build a community in the process. That just hasn’t happened for us, and the truth is, maybe it never will. I think both me and Rugjen are okay with that.

Now that Mixer is shutting down on July 22nd, we were forced to make another decision. Stop streaming altogether, go back to Twitch, or try Facebook Gaming or YouTube Gaming.

So, we are happy to announce that our new home will be Facebook Gaming. We hope that you will be patient while we update banners, avatars, and our general direction.

One major change will be the retirement of SupremeOverlord and the debut of ChibiChonk. Same person, new name. When Rugjen and I started this venture, SupremeOverlord was just a name I was using and lacked the creativity to think of something that suited me better. About a week ago, ChibiChonk came to me and I knew. This is it. This is me. Small and chonky. I am commissioning a new avatar for myself, so I am excited to share that with you when it is complete.

Another major change is ChibiChonk’s debut to live streaming. Previously, I hid in the shadows limiting myself to content on YouTube and maintaining the website. I have come to the realization that I don’t have the time to work full time and maintain a consistent schedule on YouTube. Editing takes a long time, and I was struggling to make relevant content. So, expect Filthy Casual Gaming to add a weekly ChibiChonk stream!

In addition, we are considering compilation videos for YouTube. With content coming from ChibiChonk, Rugjen, and then our streams with Pyroplop, we should be able to highlight our content a lot better in an effort to gain some discoverability.

So, we look forward to catching you on Facebook. Please considering following our page and joining us when we go live:

Author: The Filthy Casual

I live my life one casual hobby at a time.

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