Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice

Hey, Casuals.

On Saturday, I streamed for a couple hours and decided to catch up on some anime. To be honest, I haven’t really been impressed with the last two seasons of anime. I think previous seasons had me super spoiled. Having releases like Dr. Stone, Shield Hero, Goblin Slayer, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, The Promised Neverland…There was a hot streak of some really awesome anime. The past couple of seasons have been mostly returning seasons of previous shows or shows that just didn’t really get me hyped.

I generally enjoy isekai, reverse harems, BL, and dark anime. The darker, the better.

After catching up on Fruits Basket, which has been a total downer lately (but in that good, heartache, sadness kind of way), I was scrolling through the list of this season’s anime and decided to give Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice a chance. Basically, the anime is described as a young woman who inherits her father’s production company and meets four men who uncover a conspiracy. The description did nothing to sell the show to me. I picked it because the cover art looked like a reverse harem, and that was enough for me.

Currently, there are four released episodes, and I ended up really enjoying what has been released so far. It is so much more than a young woman meeting four men.


The show opens with our protagonist almost being hit by a car. Instead of dying, time slows down, and someone saves her. So, right off the bat, we’re introduced to a science fiction theme that was totally left out of the show description. We fast forward to our protagonist struggling to keep her deceased father’s production company alive. We are introduced to each of the male characters through highly coincidental interactions which can only be explained by intertwined fates. There is Lucien, the genius scientist. Victor, the CEO of the company that finances the production company. Gavin, her former senpai turned detective. Kiro, an idol at the pinnacle of his career. We learn that humans, in this world, are evolving to have superhuman powers and that there are groups out there targeting people with these special skills. Once we get to episode four, we learn that our protagonist has a dark secret that ties her to the seedy underbelly of superhuman powers, and that somehow, she may be the key to something. There are hints of romantic feelings toward the protagonist, but it is not overt like most reverse harems. It really is secondary to the mysterious underlying story.

I was honestly really surprised how little the show’s description did to sell the sci-fi aspect of the show. That was, until I found out that the show is based off of a game with the same name. Obviously, fans of the game will already know the general plot of the show. Maybe they didn’t feel it was necessary to give it a more accurate description, because, so far, the first four episodes have really little to do with her saving her production company and more to do with unraveling the truth behind Evols (people with superhuman powers) and the conspiracies surrounding them.

It isn’t too far into the season yet. I highly recommend binging the first four episodes and putting this anime into your rotation. I feel like mystery and science fiction nature of the show was the breath of fresh air I was looking for. Also, it doesn’t hurt that all four of harem members are gorgeous!

You can catch Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice on Crunchyroll. Episodes are released on Wednesdays, 11:00 a.m. CDT.

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