First Impression: Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon…

Where: Funimation
When: Mondays at 8:30 a.m. CDT
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Action/Adventure
Synopsis: Considered a weakling his entire life, novice adventurer Lloyd leaves his village located at the fringe of the mortal world to fulfill his dream of becoming a soldier. When he arrives at the capital, the people discover that this oblivious kid from hard knocks might be more powerful than anyone expected. (Source: Funimation)

I knew from the title that this show was going to be a top contender for my initial favorites. It was the first show I watched of the Winter 2021 season and I was not disappointed. Let’s take a minute to appreciate this title: SUPPOSE A KID FROM THE LAST DUNGEON BOONIES MOVED TO A STARTER TOWN.

No real spoilers in the first episode. If you read any of the show’s descriptions, you’ve read everything disclosed in the first episode, but I’ll keep it vague for those of you that decide to give the show a watch yourself.

We meet our protagonist, Lloyd, as a child. He is trying to hunt what appears to be a bunnicorn? Long story short, he gets his ass kicked. The entire opening scene really had me laughing. The show sets the tone that Lloyd is not exactly strong or as capable as those around him. Fast forward a bit, and Lloyd has ventured to the capital to become a soldier. We meet a pair of witches that add to the comedy of the show. One witch is from Lloyd’s home. She sends him to stay with one of her subordinates who lovingly calls her “lolibaba”. We quickly learn through his first interactions with Marie, the witch that he is supposed to stay with, that he is not weak at all, but stupidly strong. As already disclosed in the show’s description, and even its title, Lloyd was raised around the last remaining dungeon by the strongest of adventurers. This misbalance of power is bound to ensue in hilarity.

I am so glad I gave this show a shot. For the first show of the season, I am hopeful that other new releases bring me as much joy!

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