First Impressions: Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Where: Funimation
When: Complete, Winter 2020
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Fantasy
Synopsis: Kamome Academy is rumored to have many mysteries, the strangest of which involves the mischievous ghost of Hanako-kun. When occult-loving high schooler Nene Yashiro accidentally becomes bonded to him, she uncovers a hidden world of supernatural beings. Now the two of them are conspiring to keep the peace between student and supernatural—that is, if they can only stay out of trouble themselves.

Let’s be honest. It was the name that drew me in. Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun is fantastical fun. I am really glad that I stumbled upon it. This show aired in Winter 2020 making it roughly a year old. You can find the entire season on Funimation. If you didn’t watch it last year, I definitely recommend giving it a try.


I absolutely love the art style in Toilet-Bound. The vibrant colors are eye-catching. This show is also deviously funny and, dare I say, a bit dark. We all know how I enjoy a good, dark show.

We start with our protagonist, Nene Yashiro, desperate to turn the eye of her crush. In her desperation, she turns to supernatural. She hears a rumor of a ghost named Hanako-san that lives in the girls’ bathroom. If you are able to summon Hanako-san, she must grant your wish. With courage mustered, she manages to summon Hanako-san and wishes for her help in the matters of love.

There’s just one problem. He’s a dude. Hinako-san is actually Hinako-kun!

Hilarity ensues as Hanako-kun is just as inexperienced as our protagonist. In a move of desperation, she swallows a mermaid scale before knowing the full story of its power and the curse that will ensue. And, here, my friends, is where the show takes a dark turn.

We begin to get foreshadowing of Hanako’s true nature. We end up asking, “Who is he? How did he die? Why is he so powerful?”

Yashiro is turned into a fish after swallowing the scale. As the mermaid tries to collect Yashiro, Hanako’s eyes glow red as he unsheathes a kitchen knife from his jacket. He fends off the powerful mermaid and saves Yashiro who is now a servant of the mermaid.

Because Yashiro did not give the matching scale to the boy she had a crush on, Hanako decides to grant her one wish. He asks her if she wants to be human again, but there is a price. She agrees and Hanako swallows the other scale turning her (partially) human. Water will allow her scales to show. Now, Hanako and Yashiro are bound together and Hanako has acquired a human assistant.

This show has a great balance of humor, brief moments of darkness, and some intense flirty moments. I highly recommend!

Author: The Filthy Casual

I live my life one casual hobby at a time.

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