Drug Store in Another World: First Impression

TITLE: Drug Store in Another World
GENRE: Isektai
WHERE: Crunchyroll
SYNOPSIS: One day, a corporate slave Reiji, suddenly got transported to another world. He made the best of his skills to make better potions, which earned him lots of money, and with that money, made a drugstore! An Elf who has trouble aiming with his bow? Give him some eye-drops! A Dragon who always let breathes out fire unintentionally? Don’t worry, we have cough medicine for you! Reiji’s new, fun, slow life as a pharmacist in a village drugstore starts now!!

(CREDIT: https://myanimelist.net/anime/40960/Cheat_Kusushi_no_Slow_Life__Isekai_ni_Tsukurou_Drugstore)


This is a super-cute isekai. I look forward to this one every week. Why? Sometimes, you just need a light-hearted, good-natured show to break through the monotony.

In this show, you are introduced to our protagonist, Reiji. They don’t really go into depth about how he was transported into this new world. We jump right into the story of his life as a “pharmacist” or “apothecary”. Whichever term works for you.

We are introduced to Noe, a beast girl that can transform into a wolf large enough for Reiji to ride. He saves Noe and thus she regards Reiji as her master. However, she is just adorable and serves as the mascot for the drug store. She loves Reiji’s potions and is often caught drinking them in secret.

We are also introduced to Mina, a ghost that lives in the drug store. However, she is quite ditzy and often forgets that she is, in fact, dead. She takes care of the chores and meals at the drugstore.

I am two episodes in and absolutely love this show for its simplicity. Each week, we’re introduced to new customers with a new set of problems. Reiji quickly turns to his potion-making skills with success. It’s adorable how he dances when he’s making the potions. I also love the interaction of all three characters at the drugstore. Reiji makes what is equivalent to an energy drink and all of the townsfolk love it. There is even an elderly man that can power through his different tasks thanks to Reiji’s potion.

Yes, some of the potions are a bit ridiculous, but that is what makes this show enjoyable for me. It’s a feel good isekai and I recommend catching an episode or two.

Author: The Filthy Casual

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