I’ve Been Indoctrinated – Disc Golf

My husband is an avid disc golf fan. He has a wall of discs and continues to add more. I submit to you, Exhibit A:

I do play disc golf with my husband. I’m terrible at it and don’t have any kind of form to speak of. I can’t even twirly bird. Trust me, it’s a thing. Google it. I don’t really take myself seriously, and can’t putt to save my life. In fact, my ex-husband, with who I am on friendly terms, called me a disc golf LARP’er (Live Action Role Player) and I have embraced that term to describe my level of disc golf. I have the bag, I have the matching umbrella and a variety of discs, but I don’t really know what I am doing.

My Humble Collection

Buying Discs: ChibiChonk Edition

When we go to the disc store, he starts talking about different plastics. He starts mumbling about base, Opto, Lucid, Fuzion. He tells me pick a disc I want to try. I hold up a putter. He calmly tells me, “You already have five Alpacas. You don’t need more putters.”

Needless to say, I now know what a putter looks like and I most definitely do not need putters when I can’t actually putt.

He tells me to pick another disc. I grab one, hold it up, and exclaim, “This one is pretty! I want this one!”

To which he usually replies, “Okay. But just so you know. That’s for someone who has really fast throwing speed.”

To which I usually reply, “It’s pretty!”

He just pats me on the head and says, “Okay. We’ll get you that one.”

A Round of Disc Golf: ChibiChonk Edition

My husband starts talking about understable or overstable discs, hyzer or anhyzer throws, and I just stare at him blankly.

No pun intended: It all flies over my head.

I nod, point at my bag, and then ask, “Which one?”

He bends down, picks a disc and tells me, “Just throw your Sidewinder. You like that one.”

Viewing our First In-Person Tournaments

Recently, my husband wanted to attend our first disc golf tournaments as they were coming to Texas two weekends back-to-back. Having recovered enough from COVID, I thought it would be a great opportunity to work on exercising more. The first tournament we went to was in Waco, Texas. We had the absolute best location on a wall between holes 1 and 2. We would watch hole 1 and then pivot to watch them proceed to hole 2. It was a really great time. I was actually surprised by how much fun I had. I was able to get some pictures of Jeremy Koling a/k/a Big Jerm, Calvin Heimburg a/k/a Vinny Buckets, and Paul McBeth. It really is unlike any sport. I got to watch Calvin practice putting for about 15 minutes. It is so much different than watching a sport where you have no access to the players.

The following weekend, we attended the next tournament in Belton, Texas. Again, I had a great time. The course was laid out such that we could walk with a card and get a really great view of their drives. Once again, I focused on my favorite player Calvin Heimburg a/k/a Vinny Buckets. We went to Treno for pizza afterward and then to the player “fly mart” where we picked up some OTB and JomezPro merch.

I have to admit that I am slowly being indoctrinated into the world of disc golf. I knew it the minute I asked my husband, “So, is there disc golf this weekend?” We have since subscribed to the Disc Golf Network and it has been amazing.

My absolute favorite player is Calvin Heimburg. Originally, it was the hair. My husband would watch disc golf and I would turn around and ask, “Who’s the guy with the hair. It is glorious!” And, I’ve been a fan since. So, while, yes, my original attraction to Calvin was his epic hair, he is also really damn good. He is exciting to watch. I’m never disappointed. Recently, my husband was able to get me a signed disc and it is proudly displayed on our wall. Notice they captured his epic hair in the stamp. He also picked me up this rad Destroyer.

It is such a fun sport. Even if you’re a disc golf LARP’er like me. It doesn’t take a lot to get started. A lot of parks have free courses. There is plenty of pro content on YouTube to help you learn to throw and putt. It’s a great way to get outside and get some sun. Also, watching pros live is amazing. The sound it makes when Calvin throws is beautiful. It’s just a really fun experience.

Author: The Filthy Casual

I live my life one casual hobby at a time.

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