Anime: Beast Tamer

Beast Tamer
Action, Harem

Main Character
Rein Shroud – Our protagonist. His unique skill is taming beasts.

Brief Summary
Kicked out of his Hero party, Beast Tamer Rein decides to set off on his own adventure, and it doesn’t take long until he runs into the cat-eared girl, Kanade. Drawn to him after being saved from a vicious monster attack, this girl from one of the strongest species—the Cat Spirits—asks to be tamed by him. Now forming a contract with her, his new life as an adventurer begins! (Credit: Crunchyroll)

My Thoughts
I’ve noticed a pattern. Not with anime, but with myself. Very rarely do I run into an anime that I don’t like. Beast Tamer is no exception. I really enjoyed this anime.

Rein is a very likable protagonist. Unfortunately, he’s too nice and humble for his own good. Rein is deemed worthless and a hindrance and kicked out of the Hero’s party. For once, the hero’s party are scumbags. I enjoyed it. Why do heroes have to be good?

We follow Rein as he collects an overpowered harem like he is catching Pokemon. And you know what? I was pretty okay with it. Luckily, his harem was not as annoying as many harems are. Sure, they fawn over Rein, but not overly so. And while some in his harem possessed ample assets, they weren’t overly used for fan service.

Beast Tamer is formulaic. You have the overpowered protagonist and his equally overpowered harem. I always embrace formulaic anime. I see nothing wrong. If it a’int broke, don’t fix it. Don’t get me wrong. I love new concepts and ways to approach storytelling, but I have no ill will toward formulaic, predictable anime. It’s fun.

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