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Rewind 8 years. It was 100+ degrees outside, and I, in my infinite wisdom, wanted to go explore Austin.

As we melted down the streets of South Congress, we suddenly became famished. What did my little eye spy, you ask? A cheerful pizzaiola giving me a sultry wink while tossing some dough.

I broke eye contact with the beacon of hope and spot a pizzeria named Home Slice. We didn’t want to actually sit down and order a whole pie, so we went next door to More Home Slice. I mean, come on. You know it has to be good if they literally put a take out/slices only location next door to their dine-location. You DEFINITELY know it is good when the line is wrapping around the building when it is hot enough to melt the soles of your shoes.

Casey barreled his way through the crowd as I managed to find a place to sit. As he walked toward me, I heard the sounds of music filling the air. I glanced around confused. Does anyone else hear that? Their song was sweet and comforting. Are those…are those angels?! As he closed the distance between us, the rising wisps of steam were making motioning gestures beckoning me toward them like the tantalizing temptresses they were. Never in my life has the smell of pizza made me weak in the knees before. Casey gently placed the white paper plates before us on the small counter. I could feel the pride beaming from the plates as they cradled this gift from the Gods. With my eyes closed, I inhaled the sweet scent. As I opened my eyes, a tendril of drool escaped my lips. We exchanged side glances and gave each other an approving nod as to say, “We are about to experience the food of the Gods.”

As we took that first bite, the hustle and bustle of this tiny take-out location faded into nothingness. We felt no pain from our sunburned bodies. We felt no sting from the salty sweat dripping into our eyes. Most importantly, we were able to overlook the overabundance of men in flannel, skinny jeans, and overly-groomed mustaches drinking their Topo Chico.

All we felt was love.

Each year, Casey and I have made it a tradition to visit Home Slice every Valentine’s Day. While some of you filthy casuals opt for steak dinners and roses and boxed chocolates, I expect demand the sweet seduction of that perfect, crunchy crust, robust red sauce, and perfectly melted cheese.

This is the first year we did not travel to the SoCo location, but instead, opted for their newest North Loop location. And, what a beauty is she. We opted to sit outside, and it was dark, so you’ll have to excuse my lack of photographic evidence.

20190213_194019The pizza is still the same quality I have come to expect of Home Slice. It still has that amazing crust, and perfect balance of toppings. Time after time, their consistency never fails to amaze me. Their garlic knots are very basic, but don’t let that fool you. They are carbohydrate bombs of tasty goodness served with a side of the kind of marinara that makes you weep silent tears of joy.


Their decor takes you back to a time where pizza pie reigned supreme.

If you’re in the Austin area and you’re looking for some legit pie, give Home Slice a try. They have two dine-in locations. One at 1415 South Congress with More Home Slice next door if you’re just looking to grab a quick bite. Their newest location is at 501 E. 53rd Street. If you have kids, opt for the 53rd Street location. They have a dope outdoor play area and tons of outdoor seating.

When you see that sultry minx, the Queen of Pies, wink back and tell her I sent you.


BONUS PICTURE: I love their pizza so much, we took a family picture outside their SoCo location. We celebrated so many birthdays, concert performances, anniversaries, and other holidays together.



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