First Impressions: Divinity: Original Sin 2

Genre:  RPG, Action, Adventure, Strategy
Platform:  PS4
Cost:  $19.99 on Amazon for PS4
Other Details:

Turn-based combat; Up to 4-Player Co-Op; PvP Arena Combat; Vertical Split Screen; Classless Character Development; 10 Ability Schools; Spellcrafting and Runecrafting; Game Master Mode.

Rugjen was looking for a game that we could stream together. He came across Divinity: Original Sin 2 and decided that we’d give it a try. Keep in mind that this is my first impression of the game. We have not completed the game. In fact, I am pretty sure we’ve barely scratched the surface of game play. When reading this, keep in mind it is a first impression of co-op with two players and meant to address our initial impression. We do plan to write follow-up reviews as we continue the game.

First Impressions:

This is more of a personal issue, and not so much an issue with the game itself. I am a PC gamer, but due to our current streaming situation, it was safest to purchase a copy on the PS4. I haven’t been a console player in years, so console controllers are still a bit foreign to me. If you are more comfortable with a certain style of game play, I definitely recommend that you stick with what you know. I struggled to get the “feel” for it.

So. Much. Talking.
If you are a fan of RPGs, you know there is going to be a lot of NPC interaction. Maybe I was hopeful that there would be less NPC interaction, but alas, my wish was not granted. Expect a lot of lore, and NPC interaction. This may be a turn-off to those of you looking for more action and a little less talk.

That Split Screen, Though.
When playing multi-player, the split screen allows players to explore and interact with NPCs independently. While this is an awesome feature, it can also be overwhelming. The split screen does take time to adjust to, but I like the vertical split screen so much more than the traditional horizontal split screen. A word of caution. If you do enjoy gathering all the lore and speaking to every NPC in sight, I suggest playing the game solo first. As we explored, it was a bit chaotic trying to interact with different NPCs at the same time.

Put honestly, this game is complicated. We’ve invested a few hours into it and there is a lot of information to take in. That being said, don’t let that deter you! Once everything starts falling into place, game play becomes more enjoyable. I definitely suggest keeping the tool tips/hints active until you are comfortable with controls and combat.

Do I recommend it?

This is a difficult question to answer. Truly, it is. We originally streamed this game live for three hours. After the initial stream, I was not overly excited about it. We had some major hurdles to overcome because we did very little research before diving in. A viewer gave us some helpful suggestions during stream. That is when me and Rugjen decided to try again offline and make it a YouTube series.

After we took our viewer’s suggestions into consideration, the second playthrough is actually going much better. Now, I can’t say for certain whether game play is more enjoyable because we’re getting the hang of the game, whether our new combination of characters is more enjoyable, or whether there are other factors at play.

I can say one thing for certain. I liked it enough to give it another try, and I am glad I did. You can watch our videos of DOS2 on our YouTube channel. If you’re feeling generous, please consider giving the video a like, subscribe, and/or hit that notification bell.

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