K-Drama: Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Legal Drama. Netflix.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is, by far, my favorite k-drama of all time. In this show, we follow an autistic (savant syndrome) attorney named Woo Young Woo. The lead actress, Park Eun-bin, does an extraordinary job of bringing the character to life. Woo Young Woo has many quirks. Her most notable is a love of whales and educating others about whales. It is a theme that runs throughout the show. Despite graduating summa cum laude and earning a near-perfect score on the Bar exam, her autism negatively impacted her employability. She is finally hired at a well-known and respected law firm. She is met with prejudice but immediately changes the minds of her coworkers.

A k-drama would not be a k-drama without romance. Romance is found through paralegal, Jun-Ho played by the very handsome Kang Tae-oh. Jun-Ho is the firm’s available bachelor, with females fawning over him at every corner. When he meets Young-woo, they have an adorable interaction. Slowly, Jun-Ho falls for Young-woo. It’s an adorable budding romance and some equally swoon-worthy moments.

I ended up binging the whole show. It was that engaging. Young-woo is absolutely adorable, and the actress who plays Young-woo captures expressions and mannerisms well. If you want to watch a good, wholesome show, give this one a try.

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