Fantastic Strangelings: Roses, in The Mouth of a Lion

I recently joined The Fantastic Strangelings Book Club organized by author Jenny Lawson lovingly known as “The Bloggess.” I don’t have the time to join an in-person book club, so the online format is perfect for my needs.

December’s book is Roses, in the Mouth of a Lion by Bushra Rehman.


A queer coming-of-age novel about friendship, love, and loyalty set in 1980s Queens, Roses in the Mouth of a Lion masterfully depicts the complicated and rich relationships among young women―and the lines that are crossed to follow true passion.” “An unforgettable voice that moves you from the start.” Credit: Amazon

My Thoughts

Overall, I did not care for the novel. I was only able to digest about half of the novel.

I began the novel with fervor, but I began to tire of it very quickly. I felt the first half of the novel stressed the cultural significance of the protagonist’s background too much. It seemed to drag on and became increasingly boring. By the time I got into the queer relationship, I was no longer interested. The story would have kept my interest if it cut the subject matter of the first half of the book down and developed the romantic relationship.

I would rate this book at a young adult level. What I did read was simple and to the point.

What I liked: I liked the 80s vibe of the book.

What I didn’t like: The author goes overboard trying to explain cultural stigmas.

Would I recommend the novel? No.

Why or why not? It was dull. I know that very few concepts are original, but this novel fell flat for me.

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