Manga: Something’s Wrong With Us

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Something’s Wrong With Us centers around wagashi (sophisticated Japanese confections). Our protagonist’s mother was a live-in employee of a well-known wagashi shop. The young heir, named Tsubaki, of the wagashi shop sparked a friendship with our protagonist and called her Sakura despite her true name being Nao. One night, Nao’s mother is accused of murdering the master of the shop by Tsubaki. Nao continues to make wagashi to honor her mother. In a turn of events, Nao is invited to compete for a wedding order. She is pitted against none other than Tsubaki. When Tsubaki meets Nao, he does not recognize her. On a whim, he asks Nao to marry him and gives her a time and date to show up. When Nao shows up, Tsubaki is in the middle of his wedding! In the end, Tsubaki declares war against his family by choosing to cancel the wedding and marry Nao. Nao’s intentions are not loving Tsubaki, but rather, her love for her mother. She wants to be a part of Tsubaki’s household to find out why her mother was framed for murder.

I’ve completed the first novel and plan to continue the series. It’s an interesting concept and I can’t wait to continue the story and see how it all unfolds!

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