The Year Can Only Get Better. Right?!

Where do I start? I guess the beginning is always the best place to start.

I work for a law firm. The firm had made plans to start building a new home for the law firm. Then COVID happened. The building was put on hold. After the pandemic started to subside, progress on the building began. After a few delays, it felt like the day would never come. In July 2022, we were finally able to occupy the building.

On Thursday, March 2nd, Central Texas has some severe weather. During the evening, lightning hit the building. It started a fire. The fire suppression system did what it was supposed to. It flooded the building. I went to work on Friday to 2 inches of standing water throughout the building. If it was on the floor, it was ruined.

There is a lot to be thankful for. No one was in the building when it happened, and the whole building didn’t burn down.

I’ll be working from home until we find another space to rent. My boss told me that it may be 9-12 months before we move back in. They’re going to have to tear it down to the studs and rebuild.

I keep telling myself that some good fortune is on the horizon. This year has not been kind to me and those around me. They say good fortune is a like a pendulum, and if that is true, I hope the swing happens soon.

Author: The Filthy Casual

I live my life one casual hobby at a time.

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  1. At least it happened when no one was there. I’ve been working from home for three years now and don’t plan on ever going back into an office building, but I understand why others might want to. Hope they get it sorted.

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