Fall 2019 – Which Shows Are We Still Watching?

Greetings and salutations!

We’re entering the fifth week of the fall 2019 anime season and I think my initial opinions were on target. All of the anime that made my “They Have Potential!” list have all passed the three-episode test and earned a permanent spot in our queue.

Before I go into more detail on my thoughts of the anime that made the cut, Rugjen continued to watch Ascendance of a Bookworm. This particular anime made my “hard pass” list. I did not continue to watch it pass the first episode, but Rugjen was more forgiving than I. He reports that it is, indeed, boring and very “meh”. It never really picked up and the story line is not noteworthy.

If we revisit my initial impressions of the fall 2019 season, I picked Oresuki: Are You the Only One Who Loves Me? as the top pick of the season. While it still remains my top pick of the season, another show that I was on the fence about is giving it a run for its money.

Moving up the list is High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World. Initially, I was slightly put off by the overpowered skill of the protagonists. Even checking my logic at the door, I was not sure I could enjoy it. I was actually curious where the journey would go, and I am not disappointed. The show centers around the protagonists using their skills to aid the village that saved them. In the process, they discover a corrupt society. Things get dark in episode 4, so those that are opposed to fan service, themes of violence, and scenes of suggested forced sex need not apply. Quickly, the show turned from silly, overpowered high school kids, to young adults working hard to make a difference in an unjust world. I am excited to see what challenges our protagonists and the small village they vowed to help face.

Welcome to Demon School is just as entertaining as it was the first week, but it has fallen down to third on my list this season. So far, nothing unpredictable or special has happened, so while I enjoy it, it is your typical formulaic comedic slice-of-life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I enjoy a good predictable show.

Let’s talk about Assassins Pride. I didn’t catch it in my initial impressions because it premiered a week later. It would categorize it as an action/fantasy show. This story takes place in a world that has suffered a mass extinction event leaving only one city state behind. The city is housed within glass domes and separated by a class system. Travel between the various neighborhoods is limited by a train. The world outside the domes is engulfed in darkness and filled with lancanthropes (monsters). In this world, nobility are magic users manifesting their power through mana. We follow protagonist, Kufa Vampir, an assassin. He is tasked by his guild to investigate whether Melida Angel, a child of a prestigious family,  is an illegitimate child and to assassinate her if she is, indeed, illegitimate. To accomplish his task, he is employed to become her tutor. He is captivated by her fighting spirit and vows to protect her, train her, and stay by her side. So far, I really enjoy this show. If you are a Black Butler fan, I think you would like Assassins Pride. There is a theme of a forbidden relationship that gives it a Black Butler vibe. I wouldn’t go as far as assigning this show a “dark” label, but it does lean more toward secrecy, deception, and kick-ass fighting skill themes. This would have definitely made my list if it aired opening week and rounds out my top 4.

What do you think of the season so far? Let me know in the comments!

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