Anime: Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro Lives Alone
Comedy, Slice-of-Life

Main Character
Sato Kotaro – Kotaro is a four-year-old boy that lives alone in a small apartment complex.

Karino Shin – Manga writer who lives next door to Kotaro. Eventually considers himself Kotaro’s guardian.

Brief Summary
We are introduced to a precocious and very mature Kotaro. He is shopping for tissues. He recently moved into a beat-down apartment complex. He introduces himself to his neighbors and gifts them a box of tissues. Kotaro has a very peculiar way of speaking that is adorable. Through the show, we learn that Kotaro is hiding from an abusive father, and that is the reason he is living alone. Despite the heartwarming day-to-day life of Kotaro, there is a darker secret looming beneath it all.

My Thoughts

This show is hilarious. Kotaro is so mature and adorable. He adores a samurai character name Tonosaman who is not really popular with kids. However, Kotoro lives his life by the “code” and thus speaks in an ultra-polite manner used during the times of the samurai. It’s adorable. This anime really grasps the issues of real life. While funny and upbeat, the show highlights the dark shadows that live in some children’s lives. It addresses abuse and neglect. On the other hand, it also addresses how a small child can change one’s attitude toward work and life. The show is wholesome with a heartwrenching undertone. I highly recommend it. You can catch the show on Netflix.

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